Long-term Care: Making Today's Decisions Tomorrow's Vision

Recommended for all Healthcare Professionals. Space is Limited.

We are seeking continuing education for Administrators, Nurses, Dietitians, Social Workers, Recreational Therapists and Catholic Chaplains.

January – May 2016

St. Teresa’s Motherhouse
600 Woods Rd.
Germantown, NY 12526

Healthcare and long-term care are always changing; we are advancing in technology, discovering new information as research develops, and preparing for new regulatory updates and guidelines. We are preparing for tomorrow today as we focus on our vision for excellent care for our elders. This year, the AIG long-term care conference will concentrate on trending topics and updates that will help us strive today for our vision of tomorrow. Long-term care professionals must understand the impact and benefits of technology as well as recognize and provide the best care for diseases such as dementia with Lewy Body. Visionary leaders accept the challenge to be the voice of elders and strive to offer a smooth navigation through the endless rules and regulations facing longterm today.

*Topics and Speakers are subject to change.

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For more information about continuing education for administrators, nurses, dietitians, social workers, Catholic Chaplains and recreational therapists, please contact us.

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